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Who Are We?

Hamlin Consulting serves the state of New Hampshire as a therapy provider for all assistive technology needs.

We match the technology to you – not the other way around! There’s no textbook solution to assistive technology. We’re ready to adapt the technology to match your needs.

We understand the realities of daily life – that’s why we work with you in your setting! The natural environment is so important in acceptance of technology and we want to make sure it works with your reality.

We think it’s important to work together – that’s why we collaborate with not only the client, but the school, work, or home teams, parents and caregivers, and other therapists, too. This gives us the best picture of our focus – you!


Hamlin Consulting has a depth of knowledge in assistive technologies, ranging from very basic low-tech solutions to cutting edge high-tech devices and programs. We take the individual from initial evaluation to continued support of recommended equipment and programs to ensure successful implementation.

Computer Access

Curriculum Access:

We work together with the school team to evaluate a variety of academic supports to assist individuals with cognitive and learning disabilities to more successfully interact with curriculum in the classroom.

Examples of curriculum access assistive technologies include:

  • Graphic organizers
  • Talking word processors
  • Word prediction
  • Literacy tools
  • Smart pens
  • Physical Access:

    We evaluate various options to assist individuals with physical limitations in accessing their PC, laptop, iPad, or other technology allowing more active participation in school, work and social activities.

    Examples of physical access assistive technologies include:

  • Speech-to-Text
  • Joystick
  • Eye-gaze
  • Head Pointing
  • Switch Interfaces
  • Electronic Aids to Daily Living

    Aids an individual in accessing the world around them through the use of technology.

    Examples of electronic aids to daily living include:

  • Telephone use
  • Emergency planning
  • Environmental controls: TV, lights, fans, etc.
  • Older Adult Services

  • Memory aids
  • Social interaction
  • Wandering solutions
  • Consultation, evaluation, training and continued support: This process looks different for each individual based on their needs and expectations. We work with the individual and their team to develop the best plan of care to ensure success for the client.

    About Lilly:

    Lilly graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Occupational Science in May 2016 and with her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) in December 2017, both from the University of New Hampshire. She began her career as an OT at ATECH Services where she found a passion for computer access as she took lead of their program. When ATECH Services closed in the spring of 2019, she knew she wasn’t ready to leave the field and created Hamlin Consulting. She is currently pursuing her Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).

    Lilly lives in Canterbury, NH with her fiancé, Joe, and their two-year-old pup, Hazel. When not working, Lilly is likely out adventuring. She has a passion for the outdoors and can often be found hiking, kayaking, running or snowmobiling. Lilly takes frequent trips to her hometown in Vermont to visit her nephew, Eddie.

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